My Background
Spring 2017 Exam 9
Fall 2017 Exam 8

Thank you for visiting my web page. Since Fall 2008, I have been preparing study material for CAS exams.

The examination process is extremely time consuming and requires an enormous amunt of dedication and discipline. Simply reading the source publications does not make an adequate preparation for the exams. Even if you understand a paper well, the mechanics of working through mathematical problems under strict time constraints poses a tough challenge. Moreover, the actual selection of problems for your sitting may not match your strengths, or certain parts of the syllabus are surprisingly emphasized over others.  

My approach has three steps.

First, read the source material. Second, use the study guide to work through each paper or chapter and do the corresponding examples and exercises. Once you understand all the previous exam problems inside out, go to unexplored topics from the syllabus and dive into good illustrative examples to keep in your memory. Be able to work on any type of problem from first priciples, and don't rely on memorized formulas. Third, do the practice exams until you have the confidence you will pass.